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[FanAcct] JKS arrival (05-01-2011)

credit: twssg's blog
Repost by Sears

On 5th of January 2011
Jang Kuen Suk .. came to Thailand
Arrived to Suvarnabhumi Airport with China Southern Airline
Flight : CZ363 .. Time Arrival : 17.55.

After that 30 minute, he walk out from the arrival.
And When his fanclub can see to him.
Fanclub of his more than 1000 people.
Everyone called him name and ran to him quickly.
And greet sound very loudly around the airport.
Maybe, some people stunned with they have saw .. haaaa haa

After that he walked to the car with difficulties.
Because a lot of fanclub wanted to near them.
He spent time more than 30 minutes to walk to the car.
Although, gate and car far-between less than 10 meters.

When i see him , I felt pity him and him team.
Because a lot of fanclub. and bodyguard is too less and the weather was very hot too.

But he is still a good feeling.
Because he take a photo fanclub keep it.
After that they can walked to the car successfully.
Fanclub also waved at them. after his car drove off from the airport.


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