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Guangzhou Fan Accoount

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It’s nearly 10 days since JKS’ trip to Guang-zhou left me with many feelings. After he left, I forced myself not to think of him and to study hard for my examinations.

Day One (2 Jan 2011)

I left home at 8 am and waited at the airport for 9 hours. No complaints, because I want to meet JKS in my own city. Complicated feelings assailed me amidst the cold. Even my hands were frozen. I kept asking myself, is this worth it? I did not have an answer for myself. Laughing at myself for being foolish, I still feel that one needs to be foolish a few times in life. Hence, I shall follow my heart and fulfil my wish.

There weren’t many people at the airport at 9 am plus, but slowly as time passed, more eels congregated. By noon, still no sign of JKS but many eels were dead tired and sitting down. At 1 pm plus, we received confirmation that JKS had boarded the plane, putting our worries to rest. Around 3 pm as the time drew near, eels grew more restless.

Finally at 5.05pm, JKS walked out slowly. Different from what I expected, JKS had straight black hair and was wearing a black shiny leather jacket. He felt cool and cold, or maybe it was because the weather in Guang-zhou was too cold that day. As he exited Customs, an eel fell and overturned the railing amidst the jostling crowd, which gave JKS a scare too.

I didn’t follow JKS and instead contacted the pre-arranged car. After my friends followed JKS to his car, they came back and we jumped into our car. The Benz JKS was in was speeding, so we lost it. We thought that JKS had gone to the city, that was what Jason had said but it was not true. He went to Pan Yu. As our car team was professional in pursuing celebrities, every driver on the team kept in contact on the road.

One team called me to inform that JKS’ car drove off in the direction of Bei-Hua city, so we turned around and continued our chase. Soon, we arrived at JKS’ hotel and waited there, chatting and taking photographs.

JKS had his meal in his room. Not long after, JKS came out of his hotel room and went to the restaurant. The group of eels, as if entranced by him, just followed him into the restaurant. Most of them rushed in, but I kept to my usual slow walking pace. By the time my group entered, we felt there were no more empty tables. As we made our way slowly further in, we came to realise that good things usually come last, haha! I spotted an empty table, which was nearest to JKS, and we settled down there, to the envious eyes of the other eels.

However, I did not dare to look directly at JKS, because I did not want to look like a crazy fangirl staring at JKS with star-filled eyes. I talked to a friend over my mobile for about 10 minutes, while one JKS employee kept monitoring me to see if I was secretly taking photographs of JKS. Of course, I didn’t. I’m a good girl and won’t do such things!!! I promise ~~~

After some time, JKS could no longer sit still. Actually, he had already had his meal in his room, but he came out to the restaurant to allow fans to see him. On his way out of the restaurant, JKS stopped beside me and said to us, “Enjoy dinner cri.”

I was mesmerised by JKS and was wondering whether I should extend my hand for a handshake. But because of the cold weather, my hands were extremely cold and I was afraid that he would be uncomfortable if he shook my frozen hands, so I didn’t stretch out my hand. While I was still hesitating, my friends all shook hands with JKS. Now I’m overwhelmed with regrets that I didn’t! They said that JKS’ hands were warm and their hands were as cold as mine! So mad! Why was I foolishly thinking about the question of cold hands and miss out on the chance?

After that, we went to a nearby coffee house to wait. After some time, a friend rushed in and said that she saw JKS, who said hi to her and ran out, hopped onto a car and sped off. We rushed after JKS in our car, along with another car but lost him in the surrounding mountainous area as it was dark. When I called friends still in the hotel restaurant, no one knew that JKS had gone out….

Day Two was windy, raining and chilly. On day one, we had stood for 9 hours at the airport and 3 hours at the hotel, so we took a much-needed break and did not follow JKS around. All we knew was that after he had lunch at a restaurant, he did the disappearing act again.

Day Three (4 Jan 2011)

Now comes the exciting part. It was cold but not raining. At 3.40pm, we reached the part of the hotel where JKS was filming, and there were many eels. I blended into the observing crowd and saw our great JKS practising on the skateboard. It finally felt real to me, that JKS was not a figure on television but a real person in front of my eyes. His skateboarding skill was quite weak and he was practising hard, slowly learning it like a child. The director called him then and he went over to another spot to do his street dance.

After putting on make-up, JKS radiated a different feeling from the 1st day at the airport. He is really very attractive, and looks like a big star. He’s really born to be a celebrity, with a smile like that of an innocent child, and he was much happier than on day one.

I moved closer to where the crew was working. I thought those men in front were drivers, but they turned out to be bodyguards. In order to get the best viewing position, I stood behind them but they ignored me as if I were transparent. I had to suffer the smoke from their cigarettes though. Great, I could quietly watch JKS dancing. Even though the dance moves were simple, the effect of JKS doing it was simply different. He’s great!

At 3.48pm, the director called for a break. Ten metres away, I saw JKS leave the scene. Then I moved to another spot behind the camera. JKS was on his break for about an hour. I was quietly fiddling with my mobile, and the crew were busy with their work. Maybe I looked like I wasn’t going to cause trouble, so when JKS re-appeared, I sat down in the area designated for the crew. The crew were nice people and they didn’t chase me away. Being calm and collected is definitely a good thing. I continued to fiddle with my mobile and browse through my magazine.

JKS started work. I put down my magazine and stared at him. He was practising with the skateboard again and had to perform some difficult moves, we were all worried that he would fall. But JKS is JKS, after a while he accomplished his skateboard moves and went elsewhere to do more filming. I didn’t follow him but strolled around the hotel premises in a calm manner such that no one would think I was there to pursue celebrities. That’s right, haha, I pretended I was just a passer-by.

After filming, JKS returned to his hotel room probably to wash up. As I was too cold, I went to wait in the car while others took over at the hotel. We waited hours until 8 pm plus. As it was too cold, my other friends came back to the car. At that moment, we received a call from another friend at the hotel to inform that JKS had come out. We got ready to follow JKS. Our experienced car driver had parked his car at a spot near the exit, so when JKS’ car came out, we immediately followed. There were only 2 cars that managed to catch up to JKS – one was us and the other was from Sina. Driver, you are great!!

The driver tailed JKS’ car calmly, and even managed to supersede his car a few times. Out of the city, JKS’ car stopped at a reputed seafood wholesaler for a meal. I actually wanted to go into the restaurant, not because of JKS, but because I love seafood and I was absolutely famished. Two of us went to buy some food.

After waiting 30 minutes in the carpark, I needed to go to the washroom. I didn’t know the way and asked the restaurant manager where it was. I also asked which room JKS was in. Thinking that I was a worker (they always think I am), he pointed out which room JKS was in. Then I happily went off to the washroom. Guess who I met there?

Hahaha, not JKS but a lady from HS Net who wears branded clothes. She recognised me as a fan. Remaining calm, I washed my hands quietly, ignored her and walked out of the washroom slowly. It was effective. She couldn’t jump on me if I was well behaved. Nothing happened and she returned to her room. Even funnier, Jason came out of the room. Now I understood. There was no en-suite restroom in their dining room, so who knows, later JKS might need to come out to the restroom too.

I greeted Jason and my friend asked whether we could take a photograph with JKS. Initially, he rejected our request adamantly, saying it was not fair to other fans and that JKS did not like to be disturbed during mealtimes. I said, “It’s all right then. If JKS doesn’t like it, then we should not do what he doesn’t like. Let’s go.”

Jason walked towards his room but turned back to us after a few steps, saying, “If you’re willing to wait 30 to 40 minutes, he will take a photograph with you when he comes out.”

Haha, my happiness could not be described. No matter whether Jason was bluffing me, it was enough that he expressed this concession. After waiting for 5 minutes, I felt that 30 minutes was too long to wait and if I waited, it would be unfair to my friends in the car as I would delay them later. Another reason why I didn’t want to wait was my attire that day was too ugly and made me look fat …. Haha. It’s sad when a fat person has to stand next to a thin person. And I had dark eye bags after a few days of insufficient sleep. So I dragged my friend away. I feel I would have another chance in future to take a photograph. Remain calm!

Back in the car, I was feeling unhappy, not because of the missed chance to take a photograph with JKS, but that JKS was enjoying his feast in the restaurant while the whole carload of us could only eat takeaway food in the car. I came to empathize with the job the paparazzi had, and promised not to use unkind words on them in future. Their professionalism deserves our respect.

After waiting for a long time, JKS’ car came out, but he was not inside. His car led ours on rounds inside the carpark, and someone even told us that JKS had left. We refused to believe that, because we had been guarding the only exit. We continued to wait, and JKS finally appeared.
We continued to tail JKS’ car anxiously, not knowing where their destination was.

All of a sudden, JKS jumped out of his car. We got a big shock, what was he doing? The disappearing act again? JKS continued running, and his manager Kim, surprised by the unexpected move, followed JKS anxiously. JKS took out his camera (or phone?) and took pictures of the Pearl River, laughing as he did so. After that, he ran to Haizhu Bridge to take pictures before returning to his car and resuming the drive.

Less than 2 minutes later, JKS’ impulsive disorder occurred again, he jumped down from his car rapidly …. This time, all the people in his car came down too. I thought they had reached their destination. Then JKS ran towards the bank of Pearl River. Frankly speaking, the night scenery of Pearl River is very beautiful. JKS continued to take pictures of Pearl River and his team of people took photographs together. Envious of those people for having the chance to take photo with JKS…..

We looked on from afar quietly; no one went to disturb him. P.s., so don’t say Chinese eels are not orderly, we are very well behaved. It’s only a minority of eels that we need to take note of. Our eyes were glued to JKS standing by the riverside and genuinely smiling happily. I somehow feel that he wasn’t very happy these few days in Guangzhou, wondering if he was worrying about work or simply that the weather was so cold that the usually lively JKS felt unwell?

Anyway, at this moment by the Pearl River, I saw JKS’ smile with my own eyes. It was obvious that JKS loved Guangzhou’s night scenery, but the Pearl River scenery was not at its prettiest now. The other tourist spot, Guangzhou’s television tower, has beautiful LED lights that might suit JKS’ taste more if he comes here again.

After the photograph-taking at around 11 pm plus, JKS crossed the road. Please note, our JKS does not cross the road like a normal person – he skipped his way across! The traffic was heavy and he gave his team workers a scare. They immediately formed a human ring around JKS so that he could continue to skip merrily across.

Still unaware of their destination, we could only watch JKS cross the road. After a long day of work, JKS should be tired but he still looked bright and alert, skipping along merrily like a child going out to play. Along the way, he smiled and waved at eels. He is really good towards us.

Then, following Jason’s lead, JKS entered the first pub. We could only watch him enter and no one followed, reason being that passports are checked upon entry. Who would bring passports out on the street? And I’m a good girl. I would like to see JKS drink, but it was a pub after all … and we probably should not be disturbing JKS, so we waited quietly for him.

After 15 minutes, JKS and team came out, most likely because JKS did not seem to like it. They continued pub-hopping. It was nearly midnight, and all of us including the driver were very tired. But JKS was not tired yet, so we continued to follow him.

We were outside another pub for less than 20 minutes when we could not take the cold any more, and after discussion, we decided to enter the pub… to drink something warm and keep warm, and we all agreed to the condition that we would not go up to the second floor where JKS was to avoid disturbing him. So long as we were in the same pub as JKS, we were contented … How? Aren’t we well behaved?

We entertained ourselves on the ground floor and were not aware of what went on upstairs. JKS should be drinking happily upstairs and everything was fine so long as JKS was happy.

Then came the benefit…. On 4 Jan at around 1 am plus, JKS came down. We expressed our welcome to see him and maintained orderliness, just watching him leave the pub… As my walking pace was really very slow, I was still in the pub when JKS had left it. Suddenly, everyone came rushing back in again.

I could not grasp the situation and then suddenly, JKS’ manager Kim was already at my side, asking me in broken Chinese, “Can you please give way? JKS wants to “dart”?”

I couldn’t understand his spoken Chinese and said, “What?”

Kim gestured patiently and my slow brain finally grasped the meaning. Kim wanted me to move back a little so that JKS could play darts here!!! I said “Ok Ok” loudly and retreated a bit. Then JKS came nearer, and I was just 30 cm away from Kim, staring hungrily at JKS. There was no one in front of me, and my view was unobstructed. Because I walked slowly, I had my luck, I was standing about 1.5 metres away from JKS …. Maybe Kim recognised me by now, he knew I could remain calm and so did not chase me away…

Jason was patiently teaching JKS the Chinese way of playing darts, and JKS was listening intently, then he started playing… He hit the bull’s eye with his first dart. Everyone let out a gasp of wonder, and many eels applauded. He knew how to play, and he was just being modest when he was listening to Jason’s instructions. When everyone praised him for his skill, his happiness was evident but he just laughed it off.

Then it was Kim’s turn to play. His darts did not even touch the target, we were so anxious for him, and many eels were laughing at Kim’s poor skill. I don’t know whether the rest saw it, but I did. When everyone was laughing at Kim, JKS just watched silently, and when Kim’s darts missed the target and fell on the ground, JKS would pick up each dart, and he did not laugh. Rather, JKS encouraged Kim…. This is friendship. Our JKS treats Kim very well.

JKS would intently watch others play and when he played, if he hit the bull’s eye, he would shout “Yeah” and place his hands on his waist, indicating his pride, with his lips slightly apart and smiled sexily. He was totally like a child. Kim kept playing poorly, and JKS was instructing him without being boastful about it.

It was Kim’s turn to play again. JKS returned to his position opposite me. This time, he was looking at me directly. I wasn’t so sure at first whether he was really looking at me. I smiled at him. He waved a hand to greet me, and I waved at him too. Then he gave me a big smile. Yes, he was definitely looking at me. I wanted to faint at that moment, but I pretended to be calm. Yes, that’s right, my calmness this time was really an act. I was electrified by his smile.

While I still remembered it, I picked up my notebook to note down my feelings at this moment, I was really damn lucky today!!! My notebook-writing attracted the attention of Kim and a team worker. They kept sneaking glances at my notebook, as if wondering what I was writing. I showed them my notebook generously, anyway my handwriting’s messy and they don’t understand Chinese…

At around 32 minutes past midnight, JKS indicated he wanted to have a darts competition. He pressed the buttons on the dart machine. I thought there would really be a match to watch, who knows that JKS’ disorder happened again.

Just as we were looking forward to the match, while nobody noticed him, JKS ran out of the pub and got someone to hold the door fast so that no one could get out. JKS, you’re ruthless! Aren’t you tired of always playing these kids’ games? He stood outside the pub, laughing madly at us through the glass, as if laughing at us for not being able to follow him now and he had successfully escaped. He said “Bye cri!!!” and went off.

I immediately called the driver who was on guard outside and told him to follow JKS, and he actually managed to catch up to JKS. When the locked door finally opened, the lady dressed in branded clothes rushed in, prevented us from leaving and asked loudly whose car was still tailing JKS. I felt guilty.

She said, “Now JKS is very unhappy. No matter which of you the car belongs to, call the car back. If you want to continue to make him unhappy, you can continue to tail him.”

Feeling guilty, we decided to call off our car; our mission tonight failed. We asked the driver to send us to JKS’ hotel and then he could go home. Back at the hotel at 2.30 am, we continued to wait for JKS. While waiting, we went to the room JKS was staying in, which was above our room. We did not knock on the door, but just took some photographs as if it was a scenic sight. Forgive our silly actions, but after all, this was the room that JKS had stayed in.

We waited 3 hours, cold, hungry and sleepy. JKS’ stamina was really great to last one whole day and night! Towards dawn at about 5.30 am, I was just about to ask everyone to do some morning exercise when Jason came back. He asked us whether JKS was back. We ignored him as we felt that he was together with JKS, but JKS was not back yet. Soon, another car came back.

It was JKS. We don’t know whether he was sleeping or drunk or so drunk until he was sleeping, but he was unconscious and couldn’t even stand. Kim and Jason helped JKS down from the car. I had never seen JKS in this state before, and I didn’t feel good seeing him like that. It felt like JKS was so lonely and alone, and my heart ached for him. After watching them go upstairs, we left quietly. We were all dead tired when we got back to our room.

The Last Part – Flight Departure on 5 Jan 2011

After 2 hours of sleep, we got up and got ready. At 10 am, we went to wait for JKS, cold, hungry and tired. At 2 pm, JKS left the hotel after his lunch. We were all standing in 2 orderly rows watching him leave, smiling and waving at us. Finally, he sent us a flying kiss before getting in the car. I was so engrossed in looking at JKS that I forgot what he said.

As I walked too slowly, I delayed the time of our car’s departure and we were far behind JKS’ car. Our driver remained calm and took a shortcut to the airport since JKS’ car was nowhere in sight. We even reached the airport before JKS! Suddenly, we saw JKS’ car behind us, and countless fans’ cars behind his. He was listening to music. He alighted from his car and so did we.

Fans crowded the airport but we maintained orderliness. JKS walked straight to Customs and before he went in, he waved and blew kisses at us. All of us were very excited and JKS seemed happy.

Wishing you a smooth journey, JKS, Guangzhou welcomes you and come back again!!

This account has been released late, and is a record of the first time JKS came to Guangzhou as well as my feelings. The end, and good night!!!

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